3D animation
3D modeling, lighting, texturing, and animating

Cinema 4D, After Effects, and Photoshop

This 3D animation showcases my daily routine during the Covid pandemic. Most of my time I spent in three main areas: the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. To convey the repetitiveness of my routine, I utilized a carousel-style stage that seamlessly transitions between these rooms. This visual depiction symbolizes the monotony of my day-to-day life.

After creating the multiple-sided stage, I determine whether to rotate the camera around the scene or the stage itself. There are several approaches to solving this problem in motion graphics, so it's essential to explore every possible option and determine the most efficient solution.

To inject some liveliness into the serene mood of the animation, I drew inspiration from the art of Edward Hopper. Additionally, I experimented with varying textures on each piece of furniture to add visual interest. 

Alpha channel
To achieve this aesthetic, I needed a proficient understanding of how to render using the puzzle matte setting in the Redshift renderer and how to use alpha channels, masks, and mattes within After Effects.